We believe Jesus came into the world to offer new life with him, and that this good news is for everyone.

Easter at Church@TheGreen

We welcome you to join us to celebrate this Easter.

We have an Easter Sunday service on April 21st at 4pm at Arborfield Green Community Centre.

There will be Easter activities for children and young people during the meeting as well as hot-cross buns and other refreshments after the service.

We are also hosting an Easter Craft Event on Good Friday for primary aged children.

A hands on, fun afternoon of crafts, songs, and a short talk about Easter.

Arborfield Green Community Centre April 19th, 4-5pm

Book of the month: More>Truth by Kristi Mair

Truth is a tricky thing. Today, ‘the truth’ is not just hard to swallow; it is something we refuse to swallow. Truth is too certain, too divisive, too arrogant. In response, today’s truth is often one of relativism: what’s true for you might not be true for me. But if it’s sometimes true, and sometimes not, is it really truth at all?

Jesus claimed to be ‘the way and the truth and the life.’ But can we really accept this ultimate truth in an age of questioning, uncertainty, relativism and scepticism?

We'd love you to join us!

We meet every Sunday at 4pm
with refreshments afterwards
Crèche and Children's groups for families

Arborfield Green Community Centre
Sheerlands Road, Arborfield RG2 9ND

News and Notices

Passover Supper - Thursday 18 April 7.45pm in Arborfield Church Hall

The night before Jesus died he shared a Passover meal with his disciples. We are going to remember that last meal the evening before Good Friday by eating a meal of roast lamb and celebrating the Lord’s supper together – joining with Arborfield. Everyone is welcome, but numbers are limited, so please contact Piers if you'd still like to come.

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Positive Parenting

Handling Anger in the Family

Course starts Thursday 2nd May

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South Central Women's Day

18 May 2019
at St Mary's Maidenhead

Speak O Lord

Bookings are now open and you can find all the details by clicking Read More below.

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