We are people of all ages who love Jesus Christ and want to introduce others to him too

On Sunday 2nd August we resumed meeting at St Crispin’s School at the normal time of 10:30am. Over the summer, we shall be meeting outside under the canopy at the Science Block for All Age Services. To keep within Government and CofE guidelines there are a number of things we would ask you to do:

Before You Arrive

• Please bring your own seating if possible. There will be some spare seats provided for visitors and those who cannot bring a seat and there are 7 round tables which families are free to use.

• Please minimise personal belongings brought to church and keep them close by you at all times.

• Please bring your own Bible (or handheld device).

• Service sheets will be provided electronically beforehand so please download and bring your own. There will be a limited supply of sheets for visitors.

• There will only be one toilet in use which will have to be wiped down by the user after use. Please consider avoiding use of the toilet if possible.


• Please arrive between 10:10am and 10:30am to ensure keeping social distance when walking from the car park to the Science Block.

• Please keep Social Distance of 2m, including walking from the car park to the science block.

• Wearing of face masks is at your discretion.

• Please sanitise hands on arrival at the sanitising stations.

• We will take a register to assist with 'track & trace'. This information will be kept for 21 days before being destroyed.

During The Service

• We aim to keep the services to a max of 45mins.

• There will be music, but no congregational singing.

•You will be shown where to sit by a member of the welcome team. Once you are seated please do not move around.

• Parents/guardians to be responsible for and supervise children & young people at all times. There will be no children’s work, no crafts, or toys.

• Please avoid physical contact of any kind (outside family groups) to reduce chances of distancing breaches.

• Please note that there will be no refreshments after service.

• Please leave the area after the service promptly to reduce chances of distancing breaches.

If you are experiencing Covid 19 symptoms or are vulnerable, at risk, please do not attend church.

The church service will be live streamed. Please use the link on the banner above to access the service on Sunday.


Welcome to Christ Church Wokingham. We are an evangelical Anglican church currently meeting in the 6th Form Block, at St Crispin's School, Wokingham. We welcome everyone whether they are used to attending church or not. We're not very good at tradition. Instead we focus on helping people to love God and others by exploring the wonderful, clear and relevant teaching of Jesus Christ and the book which is all about him: the Bible.

You're welcome to come along, get to know us and find out what the Christian faith is all about and we run a brilliant course called Christianity Explored to help you do just that. If you've been a Christian for a while, we have Life Groups which are more than just bible study and prayer groups. We hope they'll be your 'everyday church' where you get cared for and you can join with others in mission to local people.

Children and young people are a big part of our church and we have a full range of groups for them on Sunday mornings as well as a youth group with games, activities and a bible talk on Friday evenings and various groups for our older teenagers.

If you live in Wokingham, we'd love you to come and join us in our mission of introducing people in this town to the love and forgiveness of Jesus.

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